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Alternative booking types for the escort connoisseur

Gentlemen who tend to book a lot of escorts will eventually find the experiences becoming less and less immersive and exciting, and more about self-gratification than anything. When this happens to you, booking escorts just becomes less thrilling and fun.
If you happen to be one of those men who loves the fairer sex and enjoys partaking in an escort encounter or two but are currently finding your bookings less fun, this article brings up some potential booking ideas that may bring you out of your rut!
All of the booking ideas in this article are what former clients of ours have chosen to do during their time with one of the XgirlX escorts, so if it sounds remotely appealing to you give us a call and we can make it happen!

Activity ideas for during escort bookings

#1 - The tried and tested Dinner Date


The Dinner Date booking consists of a 3 hour appointment, including a meal and some personal time together afterwards. This type of appointment is so common, it has even been given a name! Dinner Dates are a great way to enhance a typical escort appointment - you get to spend some time flirting and dining together, which makes the romp afterwards even more appealing.

Dinner Date escort bookings are highly recommended for someone who is starting to get bored of a typical one hour outcall.



#2 -  A day out of activities

At XgirlX we sometimes get these requests, but not often. You can plan a day out of activities in London, possibly a list of things that are more suitable with a partner in crime (A stroll through one of the Royal Parks is much better with some escort company). Our low booking prices make it a bargain to book one of our ladies out for the entire day, meaning our clients can plan a fun day out with a companion without too much expense.



#3 - An authentic Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

A GFE booking is a very common request and this is for a good reason. The only downside to booking escorts is it is an entirely carnal affair, and some gentlemen would prefer to make a more personal connection with their ladies. Escorts who are good at providing the Girlfriend Experience achieve just that, so if you want something more than just gratification we recommend you book a date with one of the GFE XgirlX companions.



#4 - A weekend break or overnight appointment

Our most common overnight requests and weekend escort bookings tend to come from businessmen and tourists, travelers looking for companionship during their stay in London. However, booking a companion to stay for an extended amount of time can benefit anyone. After paying for several hours of her company, you can bet any escort would be more than happy to bring her A-game, something I'm sure you will much enjoy.



#5 - Party escorts for London's raving nightlife

Our last recommendation to change up your adult entertainment and make it more fresh is to book a party escort. These ladies are ready to go and happy to join you for some evening drinks and go to a party. We shouldn't really have to go into much detail about this, but any nightlife scene is better with some gorgeous eye-candy to hang off your arm.


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