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Escorting Etiquette: The Basics by XgirlX

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Typically when you meet an escort, you are meeting somebody new for the first time. When meeting new people it's important to leave a positive impression, perhaps even more so when getting together with a courtesan!

Now that XgirlX is getting off the ground and receiving calls, we've decided to put together a basic escorting etiquette guide for the gentlemen. What this guide will do is help you get prepared to meet an escort, hopefully one of the cheap London escorts from our site!

Now what exactly is escort etiquette?

Escorting etiquette is essentially the unsaid rules of conduct you should abide by when meeting an escort, model, courtesan or performer. Whilst some of it is common sense and general manners, this code of conduct makes the difference between your escort turning her nose up at you in disgust, as opposed to having a genuine heartfelt encounter.

Anyway, if you want to set a date with an escort and have her turn up smiling and eager, and stay smiling and eager throughout the whole experience, you'd better stick to some of the basic escort etiquette rules we're putting down in this guide. Believe us, if you follow this guide the escort you meet will not only appreciate it, but it will show in her service too. Let's get started.

We will continue to update this guide in future as we think of more useful ways to stay courteous during an escort booking - bear in mind that some of these are guidelines, while others are unwritten rules of booking escorts.

Escort Etiquette: Keep your courtesans happy with manners!

Rule #1: Be nice, respectful & friendly - The core concept of good etiquette.

  • Meet and greet in a neutral ice breaker location. It is a terrible idea to book a companion for an outcall and make it hard for her to reach you. What if she is late trying to find your door, or lost because you didn't give the right information? When booking, give clear concise directions or an appropriate meeting location. The most common go to for us is the hotel bar, however anything from a coffee shop to the foyer is fair.
  • Try to make her feel comfortable. This can be achieved quite easily, engage in some polite conversation - don't be sexually aggressive.  Remember to hand over the payment as early as you feel ready to, this eases tension. You can even offer to get your companion a drink, just don't be upset if she refuses.
  • Don't get too personal. While meeting a regular courtesan some intimate questions about your lives may be shared. For the purposes of typical bookings you shouldn't get involved talking about your personal affairs unless she prompts it herself.

It is always a good idea to be nice to people you have not met before, the same rule applies to meeting an escort for the first time. Who knows, she could be a mad axe murderer - you wouldn't want to upset her would you? Successful escorts, like the line up we have at XgirlX take their professional work seriously - which is why you enjoy your time with them so much. As such, treating an escort with poor manners is just downright pointless - you are both there to enjoy yourselves.

There are advantages. Being polite when you meet an escort will positively affect your direct service, as well as putting you in her good books for the future. If you manage to leave an amazing impression on her with your manners and attitude, 

At XgirlX we care about our girls and we want them to have a good time with you too, and therefore staying respectful and friendly will put you in our good books for future bookings too.


Rule #2: Don't draw attention to her being an escort - being discreet works both ways.

  • In public, it is considered a violation to inform anyone else of her role as a sex worker. Outing an escort in public will not only harm both of your reputations, it may have deeper and further reaching repercussions.
  • If you are going out together, establish your relationship beforehand. When you are enjoying a meal together or taking a walk, it may be a good idea to act as a couple, or just friends.
  • Don't involve other people! Except in the case of duo bookings or with your partner, you should not bring or involve anyone else in the escort encounter. This should go without saying, but some people break this rule and it generally makes ladies nervous and uncomfortable.

Our ladies work as professional performers and they deserve complete discretion from you in return for their services. Their neighbours, family, friends, and anyone they know may be unaware that she is an adult performer - it is not your place to change that!

When you meet one of our escorts, it is okay to talk about adult services and other intimate topics behind closed doors, but do not draw attention to the escorting aspect of the meeting in public. This is especially important if you are going for an incall, or interacting with a companion in a hotel bar or somewhere else conspicuous.

Drawing attention to an escorts life as a call girl will make her feel self conscious, and if somebody she knows overhears the wrong thing it could also affect her personal life outside of escorting seriously.

Take a look at this Daily Star article about a Latvian escort who killed herself - because her career choice was ousted to her family. You wouldn't want something like this to happen!


Rule #3: Make sure you are well groomed! Looking & smelling nice is an easy aphrodisiac.

  • Take a shower, have a shave. Do we really have to explain why your close up and personal escort would prefer you to arrive looking well presented?
  • Don't overdo the aftershave or deodorant. Just as body odour is not appealing, bathing in cologne is also a complete turn-off. Keep it reasonable.
  • Bring your own protection, just in case. We know most escorts will keep a stash of condoms where necessary, but you should have your own for emergency situations.

Being clean and smelling fresh for your appointment is a precedent for the entire escort industry. If you want to book an escort unshaved, unclean, and smelling like bodoy odour, you are an escorts worst nightmare. Have a shower, put on some deodorant - make yourself look presentable.

Escorts have no qualms meeting an ugly person. However, they will regret meeting you if you don't take some basic steps to look nice.

Read this guide on Male Grooming from Blog Bullet for help grooming yourself before a booking.


Rule #4: A drink or two is fine, drunk is not. Booking escorts while wasted does not make a good or memorable experience.

  • Drinking is not an aphrodisiac. In many cases, having too much alcohol will put off your companion. In rarer cases, she may even leave and refuse you service.
  • If planning a party, book a party escort. Many ladies are open to thrilling bookings in party situations. For this however, you need to book a party companion - someone who is skilled and open to this type of appointment.

Don't turn up for an appointment completely drunk or inebriated on something else. At XgirlX we don't think we have ever seen a happy escort after she sees a drunk client. Have a beer, even get tipsy, but always remember that being out of control of your facilities or your mouth won't win you any brownie points with your companion.

We don't mind taking party bookings or even accepting calls from people who have had a couple of drinks on a Friday, but if your conduct cannot match that of a sober person, we will not send any girls to you because their safety and happiness is paramount to our business.


Finished refining your knowledge on escort manners?

Having reached the end of this guide you should be more than ready to book one of the XgirlX London escorts! We are sure that if you generally abide by the rules within this article, you will be more than rewarded by a happy companion with a seriously attentive service. Give us a call today on 07471099471 to set up an appointment with one of our companions!

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