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What makes a good escort service?

As XgirlX takes on more bookings and loyal customers in the London area, we continue to search for ways to improve our bookings. We do this with a simple approach: we make our London escort service better. We improve our customer service, we recruit the best girls we can, and we always try to make sure each request is fulfilled smoothly. This is common sense for any escort agency worth its salt - especially when you want to conduct long term business and establish a real brand name. We are sure that you, as someone who books escorts understands and appreciates the need for an impeccable encounter. It either turns out good or bad, because when it comes to booking London escorts - anywhere in between is bad when you are paying serious money for adult entertainment.

We are the best at what we do!

Fortunately, we already accomplish and tick off all of the boxes when it comes to escort booking customer service - at least that's what we've heard from a couple of gentlemen anyway! However, if you would like us to break down how we make each booking special, we are going to try and hammer most of it out in the bullet points below. For potential agency owners and escorts looking to improve their service, this list can help you advance yourself and have the men calling back for more.


How to better your escort service and get more bookings

  • Always have a couple of escorts who are ready for bookings around the clock. You can always get in touch with a couple of cuties who don't mind getting up at 4AM for a night time outcall. There are hundreds of reasons somebody may be up in the early hours of the morning needing a companion, and they will likely want to book for more than an hour.
  • Recruit talented escorts who understand and can perform. We aren't going to go into this, you should know be able to tell a good companion from the bad. It might be hard to pass up 10 applications, but if those 10 girls could let your agency down then it is an easy decision to make! The attitude is what customers need. A good attitude makes for a memorable evening!
  • Keep your phone lines open and ready for bookings at all times. Unless you don't have a single escort or companion on call, there is always the possibility of a client - especially if you are promoting yourself during the course of the evening!
  • Try to be as transparent to clients as possible. While the escort industry isn't exactly Mcdonalds and you don't have to bend over backwards for an irate customer - telling them everything they need to know is important to getting bookings. Work on your telephone manner or hire a competent escort receptionist.
  • Consistently promote your competing services. If you have an escort agency or offer an escort service that is better than everybody elses for some reason (additional services: cheaper, GFE, roleplay works), get online and start selling yourself! If you can give the best BJ on this hemisphere tell people and they might just give it a whirl.
  • Provide a client focused, or bespoke arrangement. No client is the same and they all have different proclivities. One gentleman may want to book an escort for a day of activities, whereas another may need a couple of girls to come and join him at a party for an hour. You need to be able to handle any and every request properly, otherwise you lose out on sales and successful business.
  • Punctuality. Most agencies these days are pretty on the ball when it comes to turning up on time and looking gorgeous - but many independents do not. As an outcall only service, XgirlX guarantees that our ladies will arrive when we say they will. Maybe a minute or two early. 10 Minutes late can actually harm your service if a disgruntled man decides to write some scathing reviews!
  • Keep an open mind and an open service. Every escort agency that we know of has flaws; its important to work on them before it puts off any potential customers. For example, XgirlX currently doesn't have as many escorts as we would like because we are very selective when it comes to recruiting!
  • Discretion is of tantamount importance. Your clients may not all require a confidential date: but loose lips sink more than just ships - they can take down your business, bookings, and ruin one of your clients lives at the same time for the full trifecta. Make sure you don't keep any client information that be could used against them. Ensure your girls maintain the same standard.


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